Catherine MacLellan & PEI Brewing Company Present “If It’s Alright With You – The Life and Music of My Father – Gene MacLellan” at the PEI Brewing Company Summer 2017

CHARLOTTETOWN (February 23rd, 2017) – PEI Brewing Company announced today that Catherine MacLellan will be bringing her brand-new show If It’s Alright With You – The Life and Music Of My Father, Gene MacLellan to the PEI Brewing Company Culinary Event Space every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday during July, August and September, 2017.

In 1970 P.E.I. songwriter Gene MacLellan rocketed to fame when his song Snowbird became a worldwide smash for Anne Murray. That was followed quickly by Put Your Hand in the Hand, an even bigger hit for Ocean.  

But at the height of his success, he turned his back on the temptations of fame, and his life became a mystery for his many fans. Now for the first time, his daughter, Juno Award-winning singer/songwriter Catherine MacLellan, will tell her father’s story, in her words and his songs.  You’ll hear his beloved music, plus rare and even unreleased songs chosen by Catherine in a personal and powerful performance.  

“We are thrilled to be working with Catherine on bringing this show to the PEI Brewing Company Event Space,” said Jeff Squires, President of the PEI Brewing Company. “The life and music of Gene MacLellan will be a must-see performance for both the visitor to Prince Edward Island and our residents in the Summer of 2017. A musical walk-through of PEI music culture – this show will be a wonderful addition to the Summer events calendar.”

“It’s been a long time coming,” said Catherine MacLellan. “I’ve been thinking about doing a show on my father’s life and music for many years and I’m so excited to have this opportunity at the PEI Brewing Company. It’s going to be a great summer!”

Join her in a celebration of Gene MacLellan, full of emotional moments, laugh-out-loud stories and above all, the hand-clapping hits and tender ballads of this Canadian songwriting legend.
Advance tickets are available now at PEIBREWINGCOMPANY.COM and at the PEI Brewing Company (96 Kensington Road, Charlottetown).

Beach Chair Lager presents the 1st Annual Ch’Town Comedy Festival – in partnership with Hubcap Comedy Festival de l’humour HubCap

3 shows at 2 venues!

Thursday, February 16th @ PEI Brew Co

Julien Dionne / Jen Grant / Lars Callieou

Friday, February 17th @ PEI Brew Co

Travis Lindsay / Mark Walker / Drew Behm

Saturday, February 18th @ Florence Simmons Performance Hall

Ali Hassan – Muslim, Interruped (Host of CBC’s Laugh Out Loud)

All shows are ALL AGES. (Anyone under 19 must be accompanied by a parent/guardian)

Tickets available online HERE

All shows are seated – first come, first serve!

More tickets and more info, see ticket link above!

That’s right! We’ve got Bif Naked bringing her I, Bificus Songs and Stories Tour to the Florence Simmons Theatre in Charlottetown. Tickets go on sale this Friday, September 16th at 11AM. More info below!


That’s right folks! Starting September 1st and throughout the month of September – buy a 12-pack of Beach Chair Lager at select PEI Liquor stores and the PEI Brew Co Taproom and receive a free $5 Murphy Group of Restaurants gift card!

We’re super excited for this one folks!

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Scott O’Neil Wins 2016 Art Battle PEI Finals

Local artist Scott O’Neil was the crowd favorite on Friday, June 17th as he took home the win for the 2016 PEI Art Battle Finals. We’ll be sending him up to Toronto in mid-July for the Art Battle Nationals to represent PEI!

Congrats to him and all the other artists that took part this season – we’ll be back in October 2016 for the next round of Art Battles!

CHARLOTTETOWN (June 6th, 2016) – The PEI Brewing Company has experienced a breakthrough by winning four gold medals at the 2016 Canadian Brewing Awards and Conference (CBAC), considered by experts to be the most important beer competition in the country. The awards were announced at the CBAC held in Vancouver on May 28th, 2016.

PEI Brewing President Jeff Squires says, “These recognitions are certain to help elevate the stature and increase demand for all of the company’s products as it continues its strategy to produce outstanding beer, to program and promote a unique destination brewery in Charlottetown and to grow its presence at the retail level provincially, regionally in Atlantic Canada, and nationally.”

“We are determined to place Prince Edward Island firmly on the Canadian brewery map,” added Squires. “This type of recognition will contribute to our growth, to continued investment in the business and to creating more jobs on P.E.I.”

The company currently employs 46 full and part-time staff in roles including administration and planning, production, sales, distribution and event management and hosting.

Vice President of Operations Bob Lawrence said he hopes the 2016 CBAC awards are only a next stage for PEI Brewing Company’s advancement in the industry, which he credits to the people behind the beer’s production. “We’re fortunate to have assembled an incredibly talented team who have their eye on the future,” said Lawrence. “And we’re fortunate to have built a strong and increasing fan base for our Gahan and PEI Brewing Company brands.”

The four gold-winning entries and their respective categories were: Vic Park Pale Ale (Session India Pale Ale); Setting Day Saison (Session Ale); Sir John A’s Honey Wheat (Wheat Beer North America Style); and Rogues Roost IPA (English Style India Pale Ale).

PEI Brewing Company is proud to announce the inaugural restaurant lineup for the 1st annual King Of The Wing PEI event taking place March 16th – 27th, 2016.

With the success and support of the community with every food event that takes place, King Of The Wing looks to build up some heat before the official start of Spring in Prince Edward Island. 11 Restaurants are set to strut their chicken stuff as they create one-of-a-kind wing plates.

Old Triangle, Water’s Edge, Gahan House, Brickhouse, Merchantman, Brothers 2, Redwater Rustic Grille, Ise’s Sports Bar, East Side Mario’s, Dundee Arms and PEI Brewing Company will be kicking off the event on March 16th.

“Food events are awesome and Islanders have shown year after year that they love to take part in pretty much anything related to food,” says event organizer Al Douglas. “It’s just a fun way to get people out enjoying what our local restaurants have to offer and a chance to let the creativity in those restaurants get a bit of a platform.”

The 11 restaurants are divided into two brackets; the first week is dedicated to finding the top restaurant in each bracket and the final 4 days of the competition has the top restaurant from each bracket going head to head. Voting takes place at and the winner crowned at the end of it all!

For more information, check out

An Ice Boat Note

Hey y’all – we’d like to take a moment here to give you an update on Ice Boat Barrel Aged Imperial Stout. We’ve been working hard on this brew for the past 4 months – brewing, transferring, aging in whiskey barrels – and we know a lot of you (us included!) are extremely excited for the release. 

Earlier this week we finally cracked open the barrels for taste-testing and quality control. The crew here at PEI Brewing Company is absolutely dedicated to providing our fans with the best beer our team can brew – and simply put, this beer isn’t ready yet. 

What does this mean? We’re going to cap the barrels and let them age even longer – we’ll keep evaluating and testing the brew over the next 6-8 months in the hope that we’ll have something up to our (and your) standards for a PEI Brewing Company beer. 

In the meantime, we have Black Banks now available in PEI and New Brunswick, we’ll have another version of our Transmitter Coffee Stout which will be available in Nova Scotia this time around (!!), our ReAnimator Bock will be available in the near, near future and a new saison will be announced in the near future as well. Lots of exciting things to come! 

We appreciate your patience with this in the hopes that in the not-so-distant future, we’ll have a brew that is worthy of your tastebuds.

 – PEI Brew Co team.

Blog – Quality Control

Hey y’all! We’re back with another behind the scenes look at the goings-ons at PEI Brew Co. This time we have Spencer Gallant, one of our brewers and QC masters. Let’s take a look…

Quality control is a vital piece of the puzzle when it comes to beer and continues to gain importance as the industry grows. Every brewer wants their best work to be poured from the taps or purchased from the shelves. Running certain QC procedures can help assure that their best work is reaching the consumer. At PEIBC our lab is small, but allows us to conduct vital tests/measurements and continues to grow. I will describe what I consider the most important tests a brewery can carry out to obtain great quality beer.


1) CO2: being able to carbonate beer to the level that corresponds to its style is important to add to the thirst quenching experience. It also helps for packaging; too high of a CO2 level can make it disastrous to pour a pint and too low of CO2 will leave you with no foam to get caught in your moustache. We use a Zahm & Nagel CO2 tester which takes a pressure reading of the beer in the Bright Beer Tank or Serving Tank (where filtered beer goes to be carbonated and packaged) and matches it with the temperature of the beer. From there, we use those two numbers to find the level of CO2!


2) Dissolved Oxygen (DO): Oxygen is on the list of beer’s worst nemesis. Oxygen can cause beer to oxidize which yields a paper/cardboard flavour over time, especially if beer is kept warm. So, always store your beer cool! After fermentation, beer can pick up oxygen during filtration, transferring, and packaging, therefore it is important to check for oxygen pick-up in the beer before it hits the market. We use a DO meter where beer is pressed through a membrane which measures the level of oxygen and gives a digital reading in ppb (parts per billion). This can be measured right from the tank, or out of a bottle/can. If the DO is too high, there are different procedures that can be carried out to lower the DO and get the beer in spec.

3) Microbiology: Handling yeast is one of the most difficult tasks in the brewery. Sanitary procedures are very important to not contaminate your yeast with wild yeast or bacteria. Wild yeast (any type of yeast other than the desired yeast strain used by the brewer) can be found everywhere; wood, a brewer’s beard, or even dust particles! These unwanted organisms can throw unwanted flavours into your precious beer and are a real hassle to be rid of if a contamination occurs. After each yeast pitch into a brew, we plate a sample of the beer in various media that promote growth of certain yeasts/bacteria. Therefore if there are any of the unwanted organisms in our beer we will know after a few days by looking at the plated samples. If the beer is clean, the plates will not show any colonies of growth and we carry on laughing and brewing. An example of a bacteria you may find in your beer is lactobacillus. This is an anaerobic bacteria that produces lactic acid which will make the beer sour. If it were to grow in the media after being plated, it would appear as long skinny rods under a microscope. 


These are only a few of the simple QC procedures we conduct at PEIBC but are all very important to help us produce great beer. As our lab grows we hope to add more and more QC procedures to master the beer game. Beer is filled with science – a very enjoyable and delicious science.

– Spencer