Brewer’s Corner – Malt Delivery

It’s always an exciting day when Dana, our malt delivery driver, shows up!

We order bulk malt that is delivered to the east coast by rail. Our driver picks up a load in Halifax and delivers it to us here in Charlottetown. We then load it into one of our silos – 20,000 kilos at a time.

We currently have two silos for our two different base malts –  Canada Malting 2-Row malt (named for the number of rows of kernels on the stalk) which we use for most of our ales, and Canada Malting’s Superior Pilsen malt (also malted from 2Row barley) for our lagers and light ales.

Malt is simply a grain – in this case, barley – that has undergone a brief germination and then kilned dry during the malting process. This primes the malt for the work of converting the starch in the malt into sugar. Sugar is what yeast consume to create alcohol.

Barley is an agricultual product that varies year to year and batch to batch. Thus, brewers must review the qualities of each lot and make adjustments in the brewing process in order to brew a consistent product.

From the farmer, to the maltster, to the brewer, to you.