Working in a brewery isn’t always sunshine and lollipops; often enough the beer mines rip you away from reality and place you in a havoc of beer production. As a result, a gateway is needed to bring us back to reality. Since slamming back endless IPAs isn’t always an option, cranking up the brewery speakers is the next best thing! Whether it’s Kev belting out a tune by the Bahamas or Dan head-banging to some of that new EDM the kids are always raving about these days, it gets the job done.

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Sometimes a certain task calls for a certain tune. A sluggish filter can be paired with a depressing Beatles song such as “Here Comes the Sun” from their Abbey Road album. When mashing in our Pumpkin Ale, I’d be lying if the “Ballad of Peter Pumpkinhead” by the Crash Test Dummies wasn’t echoing off the fermentors that day. Tidying up on a Friday usually calls for some Black Keys in preparation for the weekend while enjoying a Vic Park APA.

A case of the Mondays can be cured by blasting some NWA or checking out each of our Discover Weekly playlists from our Spotify accounts which leads me to share some of our favorite artists.

Spencer: Red Hot Chili Peppers, Black Keys, Jack White, The Presidents of the United States of America

Dan: Danny Brown, Real Estate, Porter Robinson

Chris: Rolling Stones, Sam and Dave, Talking Heads, Deerhoof

Kev: Bahamas, Xavier Rudd, Avenged Sevenfold, NOFX

Wax: Rammstein, Shihad, Foo Fighters

With all those artists listed, I think it’s appropriate to list some music that will never grace our ears within the brewery’s walls. Pitbull, whose lyrics are believed to assist spoilage in beer and Nickleback who makes hops go stale. Two of the many groups that may leave us jobless if they get played.

Now you have it – an idea of what is played on our brewery speakers to get the crew in the zone so we can continue to pump out our delicious brews.

– Spencer